Arcadia or Faerie is located in another dimension and is an endless landscape of floating islands. No two keys are the same, and time flows very differently here. How many isles did you have the pleasure of visiting during your durance? How many portals did you run through on your many escape attempts? We do hope you enjoyed your stay, and look forward to seeing you again very soon.

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All roads lead somewhere or so they say. In the very center of Arcadia lays a place called Omphalos. This is where the Gentry meet to discuss matters of war and other horrifying things. The Library of Time is also located here.


There are portals in arcadia used to travel from one isle to another. Only the True Fae have the power to use these gates safely. When lost attempt to use a gate odds are a true 50/50 that they will die instantly or be teleported to another random location in Arcadia. There really is no place like home.


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